Fit, Fast & Fifty

Fit Fast & Fifty is a website built to introduce you to an exercise, nutrition and wellness training program built to cater for your individual needs and offering the chance to be the ‘best you can be’.

My name is Kevin Matthews and in February 2017 I turned 50. I have been lucky enough to discover a love of running in the last eight years that has allowed me to be fitter now than any other time in my life. This fitness has been accomplished by healthy eating, with the odd muffin and pancakes thrown in of course, regular exercise and a general ‘love life’ attitude.

What I realised looking around was most people my age had let themselves go as they chased various other goals in their life. This was mainly the pursuit of wealth as they moved towards retirement but I could see so many people had sacrificed their health, which unfortunately is not something you can pay to get back , no matter how much money you have.

My goal is to make you a better person through  exercise and nutrition plans built on common sense and my experiences. . You want to know my secret, no problem, sign up for one of my monthly or quarterly training plans and I guarantee you will be a better person for it. I stand by this pledge and if you’re not happy I will refund all your investment, no problem.

So what have you got to lose. Remember no amount of wealth can buy back your health, I am offering you the chance to be the best you can be. It really is that simple.

Have a look at the Training Programs page and decide if you are ready to make the best investment you will ever probably make, an investment in you giving you back your health so you can spend some of that wealth you have worked so hard to acquire.

Be the best you can be.


The short film below by my good friend Rob Donkersloot, owner of why walk when ), documents my first 100k Ultra, the Australia Day Ultra ( )  From this video you can see what I’m about and with my individual training programs I will install in you the same passion.